Thursday, 27 November 2008

CPS Letter Writing Campaign for the prosecution of BT for the covert trials

Letter Writing Campaign

As many of you know, the CPS Complex Case Centre are now reviewing the
case file regarding the covert trials of Phorm Inc.’s technology carried
out by BT Group PLC in 2006/2007. Part of the review will be to
determine whether or not it is in the public interest to prosecute BT
Group for their actions.

To this end I think it would be very useful to start a new letter writing
campaign to the team that are heading up the investigation to show them
that the public feel it is very much in their interests for BT Group PLC
(and Phorm for being complicit) to be prosecuted for the illegal
interception of over 100 million internet communications during these

To this end I am requesting everyone write to the following address
expressing their concerns:

Mr Andrew Hadik

Crown Prosecution Service

Complex Casework Centre

50 Ludgate Hill



I will be contacting FIPR, ORG, Baroness Miller, Earl of Northesk and
Commissioner Vivian Reding in the next week asking them to write to
Andrew Hadik as well. I would request that people also write to their MP
and request they send a letter of support for the case to Mr Hadik too.

We need to get as many letters of support sent as possible to send a
clear message to the CPS that the public are outraged at BT Group’s
actions in 2006/2007 and would like to see them prosecuted to send a
clear message to the industry that such activity will not be tolerated.

So for the sake of a little bit of time and the cost of a stamp/
stationary - please make an effort as this really is the last chance
outside of EU intervention to have something done about this despicable

If the CPS decide not to prosecute the only further options are very
expensive (such as Judicial Reviews). So the time to act is now - lets
finally put this to rest and see public justice served. Feel free to
post this appeal on any web site or social network you use.

Author: Alexander Hanff

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