Sunday, 16 March 2008

Phorm-free UK ISPs

I've decided to compile a list of UK ISPs who currently do not use Phorm technology and have given me assurances that they currently have no plans of doing so. I will email various ISPs and ask them what their position in.

I also intend to ask them if they will offer incentives for people to switch from BT / Virgin / TalkTalk. - Aquiss is strongly against Phorm spyware technology: "Aquiss is not working with Phorm, never have and never will. This would be considered a breach of our own trust and privacy guidelines with customers."

SurfAnytime: - declare unequivocally that they "are not, have not and will not work with Phorm or any similar organisation who blatantly invade the privacy of unwitting customers."

Eclipse: - have confirmed to me via email that they neither use Phorm nor have any current plans to do so. UPDATE: A poster recently sent me an email regarding an exchange they had with Eclipse. They told him or her: "We've had some preliminary discussions with Phorm but have not committed to anything at this stage."

Plusnet: - UPDATE: Neil Armstrong, Products Director of PlusNet sent me an email with an official company statement: "We have not trialled Phorm and have no plans to do so."

Zen Internet: - have stated in an email that: "...we have no plans to perform customer URL stream monitoring, nor enter into contract with Phorm."

IDNet: - I have received an email from a former Virgin customer who says that he contacted IDNet and they assured him they do not use Phorm. Confirmation from IDNet and their future plans to follow shortly.

Demon: - Customer services has assured me that they 'currently do not have any relationship with phorm'.

Namesco: - I received an email for a namesco customer with a copy of an email from Customer Services where they state unequivocally that 'Namesco do not use Phorm and have no intentions of doing so'.

AAISP: - Have a look at their front page. ;)


T.J. Crowder said...

"Plusnet...have stated publicly that they do not use Phorm and have no intention to do so."

Link? Was that a comment by a front-line support person on the "Community Site" that has no weight whatsoever, or an official news release by management?

Anonymous said...

has a list of ISP's also rejecting Phorm

Anonymous said...

I am with Eclipse and I enquired about Phorm today. Apparently, they are talking to Phorm but have not yet decided anything. From the email:

"We've had some preliminary discussions with Phorm but have not committed to anything at this stage.

If we decide to work with Phorm, we would notify our customers."

Anonymous said... is also a none phorm ISP plus their backbone supplier has 6x655 fat pipes with a 7th on order who are also anti-phorm

Paul said...

I work for Orpheus Internet ( and I can guarantee that we have no intention of allowing phorm anywhere near our network.
In fact I even designed a little logo for our front page. :-)