Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Technological Solutions

The following technologies may be helpful in preventing Phorm/OIX from building up a profile of your browsing habits:

Check out a very exciting prototype encryption technology called Obfuscated TCP!

  • Use Google Scraper: https://ssl.scroogle.org/ to make encrypted Google searches so Phorm cannot intercept your search terms.

  • Encrypt and anonymise your web surfing with JAP: http://anon.inf.tu-dresden.de/index_en.html or by using TOR: http://www.torproject.org/

  • The creators of Dephormation have created some PHP code which dynamically tests whether a user's connection is with a Phorm-participating ISP, OR whether a user has a Phorm spyware cookie on their computer. An green, yellow or red image is displayed accordingly.


SquiggleSR said...

You can add SquiggleSR, also a Firefox add-on:

Anonymous said...

You missed the best one: TOR, The Onion Router.


Like JAP, but better! (None of those insecure two-hop mixes, independent servers scattered world-wide rather than all under the control of one authority, more routes and mixes and a much bigger network.)